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            The Lancia Register New Zealand (LRNZ) is a non-profit organization set up by Lancisti, for Lancisti. Its aim is to:  
            * Provide a medium through which owners (and admirers) of classic Lancia cars can exchange information, in order to assist the preservation of Lancia in New Zealand  
            * Set up and maintain a database of all classic Lancias in New Zealand  
            * Represent the Lancia marque in classic car and motorsport events  
            * Bring people with similar hobbies and interests together  
            * Inform the wider public (and car enthusiasts in particular) on the history of Lancia  
            * Make people understand what is so special about Lancia.  
              Many people in New Zealand have never heard of these exclusive Italian cars. Those who have heard of it only recall some positive and negative aspects of it, aspects that jumped out into the public arena:  
              * Motorsport success of Stratos, 037, S4 and Delta Integrale  
              * Serious problems with the lack of rust proofing in the 70’s and 80’s  
              What most people do not know is that Lancia has been successfully involved in motorsport long before the take over by Fiat. In fact, Vincenzo Lancia was a successful race ace and test driver for Fiat. Being a bit of an entrepreneur and being dissatisfied with his involvement in the design and construction of “cars for the masses”, he started his own company in 1906. His aim was designing cars that were of a higher engineering standard. Lancia was so successful in achieving these high standards that his cars became “over engineered” and therefore too expensive, leading to several take overs in the later part of the 20th century   
              His son, Gianni Lancia, continued his legacy and even introduced the marque to Formula 1 racing. Unfortunately he financially over reached himself and he was not only forced to sell all his F1 racers to Ferrari (who then went on to win the F1 world championship with re-branded Lancia F1 cars)  but also the entire Lancia marque. Although the Lancia brand bounced back with the beautifully designed Aurelias, Flaminias,  Flavias and Fulvias of the 50’s and 60’s – by the end of the 60’s Lancia once again was forced to sell, this time to Fiat.   
              The beautifully engineered cars of the late 60’s proved again to be too expensive and Fiat was brought in to restructure and make the designs more practical and affordable. Lancia’s engineering standards were simplified, production costs were reduced, many parts were shared with Fiat…Many “true” Lancisti consider the Fulvia to be the last true Lancia. However, despite the perception of simplification of design and engineering, Lancia became very successful in motorsport and in rallying in particular. Although the daily driver probably lost some of its glamour and exclusivity, the combined forces of Lancia, Fiat and Abarth proved to be an unbeatable formula! A legacy that continues to date, despite the fact Fiat put a halt to competitive motorsport since 1992…  
            When Onno le Roy purchased his second Beta Montecarlo in 2002, a small data base for this particular model was set up. Soon thereafter, when it became apparent more classic Lancias were hidden away in barns and sheds, Wim and Onno le Roy decided to found the LRNZ and expand the database by including all classic Lancias up to the Beta and Gamma. A few years later, the Delta Integrale and Delta HF were added. Although not quite classic from an “age” point of view, their racing and engineering pedigree justified inclusion into the Register.  
            At present, we register the models listed below. For non members, should you need more information on one of these models, please contact Wim le Roy, through the email link below. For members, feel free to make direct contact with the representatives listed for each model.  
              KAPPA Danny Ryan  
              LAMBDA ?  
              APPIA Robin le Roy  
              AURELIA Wim le Roy  
              FLAMINIA Wim le Roy  
              FLAVIA Wim le Roy  
              FULVIA Wim le Roy  
              STRATOS John Lis  
              BETA Onno le Roy  
              BETA MONTECARLO Onno le Roy  
              GAMMA Wim le Roy  
              DELTA HF TURBO Carl Hayman  
              DELTA HF INTEGRALE Onno le Roy  
            Currently, a membership for the LRNZ is free of charge. Until the register is changed to a proper Lancia Club, we intend to keep it this way. Although we prefer members with cars, we are happy to be contacted by people who are looking for a car and who may be interested in joining the register. For all membership enquiries, contact Wim le Roy:  
            Although the main aim of the register is to maintain the data base and facilitate the exchange of information between its members, social events are on the agenda every now and then. Currently most events are organised in the upper parts of the North Island. Regional representatives with a keen interest would be welcomed into the fold! We are amazed the majority of road worthy Lancias are actually located in the South Island…  
            Although not organised by us, events we participate in are:  
            THE ELLERSLIE CLASSIC CONCOURS D’ELEGANCE AND FUN RUNS – Yearly event in February, Auckland.  
              The LRNZ set up its first stand in 2004 and has been an annual contributor since. Our stand is getting better every year! Although the main focus of this event appears to be on the concours, the LRNZ’s is pushing to turn this event into a more general classic car event where regularly driven cars take the front row. Preceeding the actual concours on Sunday, the LRNZ participates in one of the few “fun runs” organised on the Saturday.  
            LATINS BY THE LAKES – Every odd year in November, South Island  
              This event is a classic car rally held on the South Island and is open to any Italian Car. The trip is spread over a few days and entries are limited.  
            Other than the events listed, the Auckland region regularly organises fun runs & garage crawls (combined fun drives and exploring other people’s classics) in the weekends.  
            Should you be interested in participating or contributing to one of the above (or any other event) feel free to make contact with the LRNZ.